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Named Student Registrations Explained
Named Student Registrations Explained

A guide on everything you need to know about named student insurances

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What Is Named Student Membership, and What Insurance Is Inclusive?

BMABA Student membership goes beyond just insurance. When we refer to student insurance, we’re referring to a combined student insurance, licensing and membership package which brings together all aspects of student management into a single registration.

Student insurance (often referred to as ‘member to member’, ‘student indemnity’, ‘student licenses’ or other variations thereof albeit it not all being accurate) is a type of cover designed to afford protection to students in the event of an incident within your club. Specifically when looking at student public liability (which is the type of cover provided with standard ‘student insurance') it provides compensation to a third party if a student is found liable for damage to property or injury to a person, in line with the policy.

What Is Named Student Cover It, And How's It Different To Open Allocation Cover?

In a nutshell, named student cover is the 'traditional' method of registering and insuring students. It provides a permanent record and student licence number that remains, even if the student leaves the club or their cover expires. It's considered ideal for clubs that want to keep membership and licencing on our system and not in-house, and it also provides access to a number of key student resources.

Named Student membership is fixed, meaning you need to declare the name and date of birth for each student in advance. Once assigned, there is no way to recycle or re-use that cover if the student leaves. The upside is you can use permanent tools - such as our Lifetime Student Grade Register (LSGR) for named students, which is not possible with open allocation students. You can also use tools to produce on-demand licence slips and membership certificates (see further down), as well as our team producing permanent PDF records for you.

What Insurance is Included?

The insurance is exactly the same as with open allocation students. All cover by default includes £1,000,000 Public Liability insurance, with the optional ability to add on Personal Accident cover.

Remember, public liability insurance does not automatically pay out if a student is injured. It is in place to cover the student's liability to the public for injury or damage to property. If you're looking for cover that provides compensation without a party being at fault, you'll need to consider PERSONAL ACCIDENT.

As always, we fully recommend reading through the full policy documents to make sure you understand what you're covered for, and what you're not. No insurance automatically pays out and it's really important you understand the mechanics of cover properly before relying on this. We're always on hand and happy to help if needed.

Personal Accident Opt-Out

We strongly recommend you make personal accident optional, but that you specifically ask students to opt-out if they don't wish to take it with your club. If they do take personal accident cover with you, you must ensure they understand what they're covered for. Show them the personal accident summary sheet. This is super important! You can find out more from here.

Most claims will arise from a loss of income following an injury. If our students need their physical health to earn money, and pay the rent etc, you should ensure they've considered the potential impact of an injury causing time off work before they continue in your club. We have a template article you can use which asks students to consider how any injury might impact their financial circumstances, and asks them to consider approaching standalone insurers who can offer enhanced loss of income cover if it's needed. Asking a student to sign this can help you if you need to defend the exclusion of personal accident.

You can access the template documents in MyBMABA, here.

Registering Students

You can register named students online or via the MyBMABA App at any time. The website allows for up to 20 students to be registered at once. You can repeat the process as many times as required.

Click here to register students. You'll need their full name and date of birth.

Once you've completed the student information, add to basket and checkout as usual. We recommend checking out students on their own, without anything else in your basket, to avoid any confusion as to when the process is complete.

Named students registered via our website or app will show in your instructor portal within 60 seconds of payment. You can retrieve documentation immediately from

Renewing Students

When you're ready to renew named students, you can do this online from here. You'll just need the student's full name, exactly as it's spelt in your portal, to renew.

Renewals are not automatic, and will take up to 10 working days for our team to process. You can jump onto web chat at any time to request this sooner, if needed.

Accessing Student Information & Documentation

Within 5-10 working days of registering named students, we'll produce permanent student records. These are available via the student documentation link, which can be found both on the homepage of MyBMABA (or the MyBMABA app) and from within the instructor portal.

You can access documentation immediately, via our self-serve system.

Visit to have membership certification and licence slips emailed straight through to you. You can do this the moment students are visible in your portal, typically within 60 seconds of purchase.

You can view student information at any time from the instructor portal. The link needed is here.

Updates & Changes

Some basic changes, including things like style practiced, grade held or medical information, can be completed from within the instructor portal. Head to 'named students' and you'll see a list of all your current and past named students. Simply click the edit pencil, make changes, and then save.

Please note that most of the information stored here is for your records only, and we won't use it actively as part of the membership.


All cover is based on the default of £1,000,000 Public Liability. The option to upgrade this to £2mil or £5mil exists during registration, as does the option of personal accident too. Please refer to our Group Cover policy for the full policy wording, conditions, and cover.

Pricing & Payment Methods


Pay as you go pricing works at £3.90 per student allocation, per year. You're under no obligation to register any block, and you can register one by one with staggered dates, if preferred. This can be done with immediate, automatic registrations via MyBMABA.


It's usually more economical to purchase a block of student cover at once, to secure the best 'unit cost' for student cover. You can choose to pay monthly, but there is a small additional cost for doing so. All of our named cover is discounted based on bulk. You'll find the summary pricing below. If you'd like to purchase a block of students, please contact the team via chat or [email protected] and we can have this setup for you immediately.

You can then send through / assign names as required.

You can also access this heavily discounted student pricing when registering or renewing as a club.


As is the case with all insurances, you must promptly report any injuries to persons, or damage to property, that may be likely to lead to a claim. If you're in any doubt, please report it without delay. Any incident that requires an accident log-book entry should absolutely be reported to us. Do not admit liability, and if contacted by a solicitor, refer them to BMABA.

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